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“It was never a dull moment in planning and designing Princess and Ray J’s dream wedding,” the couple’s wedding planners Darryl Wilson and Diann Valentine tell PEOPLE. “They wanted a royal, elegant and enchanting reception fit for a princess and prince.” [View Article]

This week’s featured Coterie member is more than just a planner. Having served in the US Navy and working in hospitality for 10 years, he’s pretty much mastered the art of handling details, coordination, and pressure.  In this interview, you’ll learn lots about Darryl, owner of D’Concierge Events, + some fun stuff you might not have known about him. [View Article]



So what stirs and incites Wilson’s passion within to produce magical memories? Love. He says, “I am blessed to be a part of an industry that honors and celebrates love everyday.” Inspired everyday by opportunities and experiences, Wilson relishes his role in bringing love together. [Article 1] [Article 2]


The couple enjoyed a “royal, elegant and enchanting reception,” which was “fit for a princess and prince.” [View Article]



The couple’s bridal party included The Game — who was one of nine groomsmen for the affair last night — as well as Ray J’s famous sister Brandy. Princess Love walked down the aisle wearing a beaded Lazaro ball-gown, and she came down to Anthony Hamilton performing The Point Of It All.

Tonight, Brandy will sing At Last for the couple’s first dance together at a romantic reception — an event that, when combined with the wedding, has been a long time coming for the couple’s wedding planners. [View Article]

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